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Sep 11, 2018


The Industrialization of Construction


What would Henry (Ford) do if he was faced with

  • 10 years of increasing project complexity and static or reduced headcount?
  • The same practice had been used for the last 20 years with little to no change?
  • The average productivity for TakeOff was the same as it was 10 years ago?

Estimating is the key to any successful construction business; the required skills to be a Construction Estimator take years to learn and perfect.  As a company if you cannot estimate fast, you cannot afford to bid enough projects to run your business. If you estimate fast but are not accurate you can win but then lose money on the project.  So clearly a contractor must be able to estimate fast with a high degree of accuracy.

Creating takeoffs for the estimating process has been around a long time with little noticeable improvement.  At the same time, the production of drawings to detail a project has become highly automated through the use of Building Information Models.  Today you can create detailed dimensioned drawings by leveraging the 3D information in a model.  What used to take architectural detailers hours to do on CAD can now be done in a fraction of time using the power of BIM systems like Revit.

What if you could increase your takeoff productivity similarly thus speeding up estimates by using Building Information Models?  Some of the challenges would be

  • Access to the BIM data
  • Quality of the data
  • Completeness of the data
  • Ability to organize the data according to your coding system, your subcontractor packages, and your work breakdown structure.
  • Time required to learn how to operate a Building Information Modeling system

Our customers tell us that 2D takeoff rates are about 10,000 sq-ft per hour depending on project complexity and design quality when they use purely 2D drawings.  But, when they introduce a “model-based takeoff” system they can average as much as 100,000 sq-ft per hour in overall takeoff productivity. This is a 10X improvement opportunity!  And when changes occur, understanding and quantifying change is completely automated when using a BIM for quantification.

Are you the type of person who wants to improve your department’s performance?  

Do you think quantity takeoff can be boring?

How would your company benefit from a 90% time savings in QTO effort?  

Be part of the change and accomplish the following:

  • Relief from complexity and hours of manual work
  • Proactively help your company change to more productive processes
  • Speed your time to takeoff up by approximately 10X

In just a few hours, would you like to learn how the best estimators and preconstruction personnel are working today.  We can help you understand:

    • Projects thru viewing of
      • Model objects
      • Drawing sheets
      • Quantities
      • Properties
      • Publish Models and Review data/quantities and visuals
    • Using models for
      • Rapid quantity extraction
      • Scope of work packaging
      • Grouped QTO for Steel
      • Other Bid Packages
    • Track and show changes in quantities and design
      • Visualize the change
      • See locations where changes have occurred
      • Quantify the material added, removed, and changed
    • Report out to
    • Guide Design Team
      • Set LOD standards for best model practices
      • Set view to automate quantity extraction
    • Reference model information in field and operations
      • iPad app with full functionality
      • iPhone app with full functionality
    • Integrate as needed with:

Henry Ford is calling you Estimators to action!  Learn to use these techniques and improve the construction production line.

Don Henrich 2017.jpgDon Henrich is an accomplished technology entrepreneur in both the MCAD and the AEC industries.  His entrepreneurial endeavors in the AEC industry have included driving 3D/4D/5D into the commercial market with Graphisoft Constructor Pro.  Being a co-founder of Vico Software, and subsequently after the sale of Vico Software to Trimble the CEO of Assemble Systems. Vico Software is widely credited for building the first connected 3D/4D/5D solution for the construction industry.  At Assemble, Don led the expansion of the company to become a dominant application for BIM in construction leading to a sale of the company to Autodesk, Inc. Post acquisition, he is is now tasked with a successful transition for customers and employees.  Don is now working with a group of Autodesk AEC executives to formulate and drive strategy for the global construction market. Don and his wife Noel have three children, reside in Marblehead, MA and spend as much time as possible sailing on Massachusetts Bay.


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