Assemble at Home: Boston

Jun 18, 2018


Boston raised the bar last week. We had a record turnout for our workshops with over 60 attendees… standing room only! Assemble Systems CEO, Don Henrich started the evening off by welcoming the crowd and introducing our awesome guest speakers.



First up, was Siggy Pfendler from Columbia Construction Company. Siggy emphasized the value of using Assemble for Estimating which helps with overall communication, visualization and quantity take-off. She also talked about how easy the product is to use and how fast the estimators learned.


Next, Catherine Rose and Anthony Meade from Skanska spoke about how they needed to find the right tool that was simple to use, and easy to add information when it comes to breaking down data to the way they estimate, as well as having visual confirmation of quantities for 3D models and 2D plans. Assemble had just what they needed!


Chakri Gavini of ConstructConnect closed out the night by explaining the integration between Assemble and iSqFt when it comes to 3D Bid Management. This integration allows general contractors to share a projects 3D model views with subcontractors, along with 2-D plans and specifications, directly in the iSqFt interface. Makes it easy for all to use and access.


After presentations wrapped up, the beers were flowing! We even got to show off our mobile app, which people were all about taking a peak at!


Thanks so much to all who took the time to come by… it was great to hold this outing in our hometown! Tampa, do you think you can top the turnout? Let’s see what you’ve got at TopGolf!

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