Assemble on the Road: Tampa

Jun 28, 2018


 What a day at Topgolf Tampa. We were so excited for this trip because we have never held a workshop at a venue like Topgolf before. A little work, followed by some play in the bays. We have a feeling we’ll be back at Topgolf again in the future… too much fun!

Before heading out to hit some golf balls, we hung out in one of Topgolf’s Signature Rooms to talk about the latest with what’s happening at Assemble and what is to come. Fahim Dangra, Brent Ramos, Joe Piemonte and Sadra Kassaei were on site to represent Assemble. We won’t mention any names, but we heard that some members of our team should stick to their day jobs after seeing their swing… but that’s a story for a different day…

 tampa blog pic1

Raul Gomez spoke on behalf of Robins & Morton and talked about his journey with technology in construction and how Assemble has elevated what they are able to do. He even gave a shout out to Mark Klusza and Sadra from our Assemble team, for coming by Robins & Morton to help out with point clouds the day before.

 tampa blog pic2

Up next on the schedule, we’ve got Hoboken and San Diego with more summer dates coming soon! Hope to see you on the road!


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