Assemble on the Road: Fort Lauderdale

Mar 29, 2018


Another workshop in the books! This week, we were down in sunny and 75 Florida at the Funky Buddha Brewery. This workshop was unique in that we were able to enjoy some craft beers while watching the brewers hard at work behind the glass.



After indulging in some pretzel bites and brews, Fahim Dangra of Assemble Systems started off the presentations followed by three special guest speakers. Sarah Pratt from iSqFt generated a lot of interest in our iSqFt integration, while David Pratt of Robins & Morton focused on Points Cloud and how you can take a little bit of everything and bring it all to one place in Assemble.WSworkshopblogfl4

Kris Lengieza of Stiles Construction posed the question, what is the owner’s biggest concern? The answer? Certainty. Whether it’s money or time, they want the project delivered on time and within budget. With Assemble, you’re able to extract quantities and use that data for better project controls.


 For those of you who took the time to attend our workshop, we thank you and if you’re wondering where you can find us next, check out our events page!

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