Assemble BLOG: The Worksite of Tomorrow - The Oracle Construction and Engineering Innovation Lab

Aug 22, 2018


Every day, there are thousands of new construction worksites popping up around the globe, all with the same goal of delivering the project on time and within budget. But there is one worksite that is different from all the others, one that has a unique goal – showcasing the innovative technology in construction to improve productivity, quality, and safety on the project. That worksite is the Oracle Construction and Engineering Innovation Lab that will be unveiled this Thursday, August 23rd.

The Innovation Lab, which is based outside Chicago, is a simulated worksite that features a realistic working environment where visitors can experience the products and technology that are transforming the construction industry. It will be a destination for individuals from the construction industry, for students, for academics and others to learn, experience and ultimately improve our built world.

As a technology partner of this initiative, we are very excited about being able to participate in this Innovation Lab and to join Oracle and the other technology companies to show the benefits of integrating data from models, to estimates, to schedules, and to the jobsite.

We are also excited to be part of a powerful team of leading industry technology providers coming together in the Innovation Lab. Other leading construction technology companies that are participating include the following inventive companies:

One of the side benefits of visiting the Innovation Lab site as it was under construction was that it gave us the chance to experience some of the new technology ourselves. Sadra Kassaei, one of our product managers, was able to try out the Augmented Reality glasses by DAQRI when we were visiting the site to set up our work space in the trailer. They were pretty cool.

In addition to the technology companies participating in this initiative, a number of the leading construction companies, who are both Oracle and Assemble Systems customers, have also helped guide the creation and direction of the lab. Special thanks need to go out to Bechtel Corporation, Clayco Inc., Lendlease, Mortenson, Skanska USA, and Walbridge for their contribution to development of the Innovation Lab.

And, of course, we can’t forget Oracle Corporation. Through their vision and leadership, they have invested in making this dream become a reality.  This is a project that will benefit the entire construction industry. Through the hard work and determination of a number of key people, including Dr. Burcin Kaplanoglu, senior director for strategy and innovation, and Jeffrey Love, director of product strategy at Oracle Construction and Engineering, they created this Innovation Lab to show what the future worksite can look like.

SteveSteve Bracy, manager of industry marketing, construction technology, at Autodesk has extensive experience in the AEC industry.  He joined Autodesk through the acquisition of Assemble Systems, where he worked with industry partners. Prior to Assemble, he led the marketing team at Newforma. Before that he had been part of the leadership team at Softdesk, which celebrated a successful IPO and then subsequent acquisition by Autodesk. He is married to a licensed architect and along with their 2 children, live in Concord, NH.


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