Curtain Walls & Assemble

Jul 26, 2017


Before the advances of Assemble Systems, using cloud based BIM solutions to manage, observe, and price curtain walls has not been intuitive or effective. In the past, observing aspects of curtain walls was difficult and time consuming. There has also been no way to understand relationships between different parts of a curtain wall, and how they interact with the project as a whole, especially relating to quantities and cost.

Assemble Systems now opens up curtain walls and makes them accessible to our users. No longer are curtain walls something to be dreaded. Assemble allows the user to easily, clearly, and succinctly reveal all the data in the Revit curtain wall model for use in estimating and planning. These capabilities reveal square footage, relationships to other objects, and allow for easy grouping and viewing of components. Assemble has made the curtain wall easy to view, manage, takeoff, and estimate from a Building Information Model.

curtain walls1.jpg

• Clearly defined and observable parent-children relationships between wall components.
• The option to view gross and net square footage of walls and subcomponents.
• Ease of grouping curtain walls by function, material, area, and host ID.
• Viewable "hidden geometry" of curtain wall pieces.curtain walls2.jpg

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Arian SaeedfarArian Saeedfar is a Customer Engineer at Assemble Systems, his focus is on providing top notch customer experience, training and support to the Assemble clients. Arian has a Bachelor of Architecture and a Master of Science degree in Construction Management from University of Houston. Arian loves to travel and research new and innovative technologies in his spare time.



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