Are You Keeping Up with the Latest Technology?

Feb 24, 2015


I recently ran across an online study published by Mortenson Construction (an Assemble client) that documents the VDC journey that Mortenson embarked on 20 years ago. It all started in 1995 when the company formed the Center for Construction Innovation, the goal was to research new ways to improve construction processes and technologies. Their initial investment in technology has resulted in Mortenson being one of the industry leaders in VDC and BIM today. Their success is indicative of the current state of the construction industry. Collaboration and real-time data access is shaping the construction industry landscape and it is all being led by BIM. Proper BIM implementation is enabling contractors to deliver projects on time and at a lower cost than ever before. Owners are able to see their vision come to life before it is even built to make informed data-driven decisions. Project teams are able to gage the constructability of the project during the design phase and avoid costly mistakes during the construction phase. We are experiencing a truly collaborative environment where all project stakeholders are able to work together with one goal in mind - deliver better project predictability. Architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, and owners are working as a team instead of passing the responsibility/risk to the next stakeholder in line.

If you are still working to realize the benefits of a proper BIM implementation, give us a call. Assemble Systems will help you unlock the power of model-data to create and apply intelligent building information across the project life cycle. Our solution allows project teams to access, analyze and share model-based building information to transform AEC processes and improve project predictability. To stay competitive in this market, you have to adapt and keep up with technology. Doing things the same way because that is how you have been doing it for years will not pay off in the long run. Give us a call today to see how we can help your teams leverage building information to improve workflows and deliver project predictability and give your firm the competitive edge.


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