Assemble BLOG - Connecting Assemble and Navisworks to Deliver the Ultimate Preconstruction Solution in the Cloud.

Apr 1, 2019



With an increasingly competitive market dealing with labor shortages, companies are looking for ways to add efficiencies wherever they can to tackle more work with less resources.  Preconstruction is one of the most crucial phases of the project lifecycle that sets the stage for delivering a successful construction project. It is the foundation that profitable projects are built upon and relies heavily on meticulous attention to detail and emphasis on collaboration and communication.

Proper planning during preconstruction can help mitigate risks during construction to avoid rework and project delays.  Many companies are turning to model-based workflows to work faster, smarter and with greater accuracy by visualizing the entire project during preconstruction. A clear project overview from the start helps avoid safety issues and time-consuming rework and can also help utilize the field team to maximum efficiency.

Navisworks and Assemble – Building Together

Navisworks continues to be a critical tool for construction project review, helping architects, engineers and contractors holistically review integrated models and project data with stakeholders during preconstruction to enhance constructability and to better control project outcomes. And Assemble raises the value of models during preconstruction by providing the entire project team with access to the model and drawings in the cloud to quickly group, sort, and filter quantities and associated meta-data to make better decisions, earlier in construction.

To deliver the ultimate preconstruction solution, we are excited to announce our new integration between Assemble and Navisworks.

Taking Preconstruction to the Next Level

Now, with new Navisworks publishing capabilities for Assemble, project teams can access an increasing number of file types (including IFC and SmartPlan 3D files) when using Assemble for preconstruction and construction workflows.

With this added file support, teams can bring coordinated models from Navisworks to Assemble – in the cloud – to quicklyimage_updated_desktop and easily condition the model data to be used in estimating, scheduling or other downstream workflows. This integrated workflow gives preconstruction teams instant access to a complete project inventory to organize project data, and helps estimating teams work faster, with greater accuracy. Together, Navisworks and Assemble help teams bid more jobs and win more work using model-based quantity takeoff.

Supercharge your Construction workflows

As the project moves towards construction workflows, this model-based data remains available to help manage scheduling, sequencing and trade coordination. And the data is all accessible onsite through the Assemble mobile app. With access to the coordinated model, teams can leverage aggregated quantities by trade for construction workflows including Work in Place (WIP), lookaheads, status tracking and inventory management.

To learn more about connecting Navisworks and Assemble, watch our webinar replay.

If you are an existing Assemble client, get started now by downloading the Navisworks Add-in here.


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